Professional DGSA Consulting


Consulting for safeties in the carriage of dangerous goods (DGSA - Dangerous Goods Adviser to the Safety). Provisions remould agreements of European ADR concern every enterprise which activity is embracing: Transport, loading, unloading, packing hazardous goods

ADR Consulting

• ranking of hazardous goods
• duties of participants in the transport
• transport document
• the exclusion from ADR regulations
• vehicle equippmet
• written instructions
• ADR warning marking

IATA DGR Consulting

We offer the consulting in the safe air transport of hazardous goods.


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We are acting on the domestic market and the distance isn't significant for us. Both rather small companies and large corporations are our customers. The service of customers this way diversified and requiring is possible thanks to the flexibility and the mobility of our Advisers.

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The EKO SKOLAR Company is cooperating with valued research institutions and with trade Companies, such as:

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